How can I view my billing history?

If enabled by your provider, Luminello gives you the ability to view your billing history in real-time, Create your own statements, and also pay your balance due via your credit card. Read on to learn more:

Viewing Billing History

1. Click the "Billing" tab on the left panel or "Go To Billing", also on your dashboard. 2. When the billing tab is clicked, you will see three sub-headers: "Credit Cards", "Billing History" and "Invoices". Click "Billing History".

 3. Now, all the transactions for the default date range, which is set to the "Last 12 months", are shown. To adjust or customize this, click the "Date Range" drop-down menu and select the desired timeframe. Click on "Apply" and the transactions will be updated accordingly. If you need assistance entering your credit card - please reference this article here: How can I add my credit card info?

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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