Tell me more about Luminello's patient privacy policy

Read on to find a few commonly asked questions about the patient policy in Luminello. 

Q: Can I do a California CCPA records request without my clinician's approval?

A: CCPA does not apply to Protected Health Information regulated by HIPAA and does not fully apply in business-to-business transactions. To request your records or any information in the patient portal, you would need to contact your clinician directly. Read more about our privacy policy here

Q: Does Luminello collect any information aside from what my clinician requests through the portal?

A: No, Luminello does not collect any additional information outside of what the clinician requests in the portal.

Q: Does Luminello sell any of my patient information?

A: No, Luminello does not sell any patient information. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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