How do I pay an invoice in the portal?

If your clinician accepts credit card payments and you have already added your credit card information to the portal,  you can make payments to the invoices that your clinician sends. Here's how:

From the main dashboard:

1. Click on ''Pay Now''. Note: The ''Pay Now'' button will only be displayed if there are any unpaid invoices.

2. You can pay the full amount by clicking on ''Pay Now'', or, you make a partial payment by changing the amount in the ''Payment Amount'' field. If you have added more than one credit card to your portal, you can click on the ''Credit Card'' drop-down menu and select it. Otherwise, the most recently used card will be auto-populated for you.

3. Your transaction will be processed, this might take a moment.

4. A notification letting you know the transaction was "successfully charged" will be displayed on your screen once the payment has been processed.

From the ''Billing'' section:

1. Click on the ''Billing'' tab on the left-hand menu or click on ''Go To Billing'' on the ''Current Balance'' section.

2. Click on the ''Invoices'' tab. 

3. Click on the ''Pay Now'' button next to the invoice that you'd like to make a payment on, or click on ''Pay All Now'' to pay the total balance across all your invoices at once. 

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us

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