Is my file too large to upload?

Files up to 20MB in size can be uploaded to attach to emails.

Here are a few strategies for keeping your attachments under 20MB in size:

Save faxes and scans as PDF or JPG files. We recommend checking your fax/scanner and seeing if you can adjust the settings. If it's an option to choose the type of file it produces, select JPG or PDF over TIFF. TIFF files are often "uncompressed" and high resolution, making them quite large in file size. Next, check to see if you can scan only in black/white and turn off (or don't select) the color scan. Finally, if possible, select a medium or standard resolution level. Any and all of these options will help reduce a file's size.

Compress or "Zip" large files
You can also try compressing a file before uploading, saving it as a ZIP file to reduce the size of the file. Some computers and laptops come with this feature, and others need to download a zip or compression program.

Reduce quality or resolution
High-resolution files tend to be higher quality and hence much larger, so when possible try saving/scanning files at a quality or resolution level that is below the highest setting -- a medium or standard resolution should be fine.

Reduce the file size of a PDF
This article shows you how to reduce the file size of a PDF document using Preview on Mac or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Note: we don't recommend using the online PDF compressor this article mentions. How To Reduce PDF File Size

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