How can I add my credit card info?

Entering your credit card info, and paying your bill is easy in Luminello!  But first, note that this is a feature that not all clinicians offer to their patients/clients.  If your clinician does, then:

1. Click "Go to billing".

2. Click "Add credit card".

3. Enter your credit card information, then click "Save".  You can name your credit card if you like, like "HSA card" or "Mom's credit card", for example. Credit card data is stored by Luminello's payment processing partner, and your credit card numbers are replaced with an encrypted code to add an extra layer of protection.

4. You'll now see your credit card info stored, as well as an option to "pay now."

5. If you only want one card on file, go to the next step.  If you'd like to add an additional card, you can do that, enter the info as in step 3.  Be sure to pick which card you'd like to be the "default."

6. When you click "Pay now," you'll have a chance to confirm you wish to pay the full balance (the default), or you can enter a different amount.  Then click "Pay now".7. Once your transaction has been approved, you'll see your transaction in the statement area.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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