How can I create my own billing statement/superbill?

Here's how to create your own billing statement/superbill. If you see more than one Luminello-based clinician, ensure to select the correct clinician, as illustrated below, before proceeding to step # 1.

  • Click on your name directly under the relevant clinician.

1. Click on "Go to Billing" at the bottom right side of your home section.


1. Click on "Billing" from your main dashboard.

2. Toggle to the "Billing History" tab. The default date range is set to "Last 12 months". To adjust this, click on the "Date Range" drop-down menu and select the desired timeframe. Then, click "Apply." 

3.  Click "Save statement as PDF."

4. Choose where you'd like to download and save the file on your computer.

5. Open the file, and you'll see your statement. 

Note: Not all clinicians offer this feature to their patients/clients. Please message your clinician if you do not see the "Billing" tab on your account.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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