How do I book an appointment for a family member?

If the clinician allows it, you can book appointments for your family member. Read on to learn how:

1. Make sure you have selected your family member's account by clicking on the drop-down next to "Toggle family member and/or clinician accounts here:" 2. Go to the "Patient's Schedule" tab.

3. Click on "Book New Appointment."

4. Next, select the "Clinician," "Location," and "Type & Duration," and click on "Show available times."

5. The times the clinician has set as available for the type of appointment selected will appear below for you to choose your most convenient date and time. 

6. After picking a date and time, you will be prompted to confirm the appointment details and set the confirmation and reminder settings. Click on "Confirm & Book" to schedule the appointment. 

7. The appointment will be scheduled, you will see a success notification, and the appointment details will display below. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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